Thursday, February 7, 2013

Come Take a Magic Carpet Ride

My primary Peace Corps organization is working with a grassroots, all-female carpet workshop. These women artisans are incredible, doing all hand-woven traditional work with 100% natural raw materials.

Myself & one of our weavers, Zemfera

The business was founded by my director, Fatima. She was widowed at a very young age, with 4 children, during the time of the Soviet collapse. She had only basic sewing skills and a family knowledge of carpet weaving to support her family. Fatima built the business from the ground up; to not only support her own family, but also families of women in the community in similar circumstances. She focuses on training and employing young women and those from unstable family situations.

All  carpets listed are all currently for Sale!!! 
We also do custom orders with consultations and on-site patterns available for viewing. We can 
provide step-by-step photos of the process if one if ordered!

Name: Bico (Epic Tale) - SOLD!
Origin: Quba
Size: 1.60 x 0.90m (5.3 x 3.0ft)
Price: 400 azn

Name: Hacigayib (Village Name)- SOLD!
Origin: Quba
Size: 1.00 x 1.50m (3.3 x 4.9ft)
Price: 400 azn



Name: Bijol ( Village Name)
Origin: Quba
Size: 1.20 x 2.30m (3.9 x 7.5ft)
Price: 800 azn

Name: Nağıl (Story)
Origin: Quba
Size: 1.60 x 3.50m (5.3 x 11.5ft)
Price: 2,000 azn


Sumax Carpets

Traditionally the Sumax carpets are hand-woven by members of the Lezgi Mountain ethnic minority group. The Lezgi people originate from the Quba and Qusar regions of Azerbaijan.
** These carpets leave the threads un-cut on the underside, to catch dirt in the village homes.

Name: Ay Bala (1)
Origin: Quba
Type: Sumax (Lezgi)
Size: 1.45 x 2.20m (4.8 x 7.2ft)
Price: 600 azn

Name: Gulu Çici
Origin: Quba
Type: Sumax (Lezgi)
Size: 1.50 x 2.70m (5.0 x 9.5ft)
Price: 800 azn

Name: Verne
Origin: Quba
Type: Sumax (Lezgi)
Size: 1.85 x 3.35m (6.0 x 11.0ft)
Price: 1,200 azn

Name: Ay Bala (2)
Origin: Quba
Type: Sumax (Lezgi)
Size: 3.40 x 2.10m (11.2 x 6.9ft)
Price: 1,400 azn

Name: Ay Bala (3)
Origin: Quba
Type: Sumax (Lezgi)
Size: 3.10 x 2.50m (10.2 x 8.2ft)
Price: 1,450 azn

 Name: Kilim - SOLD!
Origin: Quba
Type: Sumax (Lezgi)
Size: 3.10 x 2.50m (10.2 x 8.2ft)
Price: 1,450 azn

Other examples of work they have done in the past and can be custom ordered....

The one my Director gave my parents when they came to visit!

Exhibition Piece

Geometrical Pattern


Sumax (Dragons)

Fish Pattern

Close Up - Fish Pattern

For More Information on Custom Orders, Tours or Purchasing please email me at My Email.

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